Motorcycle manufacturer Ducati launches NFTs on the XRP Ledger

Ducati is set to release its first digital collectible on the XRP Ledger, which comprises an animated sequence of Ducati logos that have appeared on motorcycle fuel tanks since 1946. At a renowned motorcycle manufacturer and industry pioneer, Ducati has revealed plans to launch its first digital collectible, using the infrastructure of the XRP Ledger….

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Nike NFT Coming to EA Sports Games

Cointelegraph spoke with Future Primitive’s Jayden Windle and Benny Giang to learn how NFTs can be used as digital wallets via ERC-6551. In this week’s newsletter, read about GameStop’s non-fungible token (NFT) platform partnership with gaming company Illuvium, and see how NFTs can store digital assets and how top-tier NFT collateral is used in NFT…

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NFT Crowdfunding & Fractionation Protocol Launched Confti

May 24, 2022 – Marks the official launch of Confti, NFT’s fractionation and crowdfunding protocol. On Confti, users can start crowdfunding tokens to buy rare and valuable NFTs together, earn token NFTs, and have partial ownership rights such as price governance or dividends. The platform supports splitting (slicing) users’ NFTs into tradable ERC-20 or ERC-1155…

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FC Barcelona enters the metaverse and the NFT

FC Barcelona, ​​the football club with a huge following in Spain and Europe, has revealed its plans to capitalize on the rise of the metaverse and NFTs in the cryptocurrency market. Joan Laporta, president of the club, explained how it intends to occupy all these markets to attract more fans from all over the world….