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Scammers pay six digits for misspelled website domains in hopes of deceiving victims

The scammers reportedly spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to buy misspelled website addresses linked to cryptocurrency companies in hopes of deceiving victims. The Washington Post claims that misspelled domain names are used to mislead visitors into thinking they are dealing with legitimate cryptocurrency companies. According to the report, a Brazilian spent more than $200,000…

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Russian Parliament Considers Restrictions on Unqualified Crypto Investors

Cryptocurrency can be quite complicated for some, and Russian lawmakers believe they should consider restrictions for private investors. According to a senior representative of the legislature, the Russian parliament must provide them with “maximum protection” against risks. Members of the Russian Parliament will seek to protect citizens who invest in cryptocurrencies Members of the Duma,…

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U.S. government goes to court over $11M USDT purportedly stolen by fake Coinbase rep

On September 17, a group of officials led by U.S. attorney Tracy Wilkinson have filed a civil complaint in the United States District Court for the Central District of California claiming that they have identified four digital wallets holding more than 9.8 million Tether (USDT) that was involved in wire fraud, computer fraud and money…

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Chopped cream finance; Lose $ 34 million in digital assets

People came by again. Another encryption trick is in the books. This time, the victim is a platform called Cream Finance, which is reporting losses of around $ 34 million at the time of writing. Cream Finance loses a lot of money The money was raised after a hacker exploited an opening in the company’s…

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Nigerian Central Bank Reveals CBDC Guidelines, Announces Plan to Launch E-Naira Wallet

The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) has reportedly confirmed that its e-naira digital currency will have a legal tender and non-interest-bearing asset status. In addition, a limit on customer transactions and value-based transactions will be imposed. https://news.bitcoin.com/nigerian-central-bank-reveals-cbdc-guidelines-announces-plan-to-launch-e-naira-wallet/

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Sweden to pay $1.5M worth of BTC to convicted drug dealer

In a bizarre turn of events, the Swedish government is being forced to pay Bitcoin worth $1.5 million to a convicted drug dealer after the digital asset that the convict amassed illegally, skyrocketed in value during his time in prison. The case has highlighted the need not only for prosecutors to be educated on the…

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Largest Crypto Seizure In Australia: Police Seize $6M Worth Of Digital Currency

The percentage of illegal crypto transactions, according to this Chainalysis report, is about 2% of total transactions. Although the majority of cryptocurrency transactions is not illegal, it is increasingly being used for criminal activities. As part of a dark web operation, Australian police have conducted a massive cryptocurrency seizure. The total value seized was about $6…