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Bitcoin fund created for Canadian truckers

Canadian truckers currently fighting vaccine mandates in their home country found solace in bitcoin after fundraising platform GoFundMe halted donations they were supposed to receive. Canadian truckers get what they need through BTC Canadian truckers have gathered in their country in recent weeks and have formed what is known as the “Freedom Comvoy.” Truckers are…

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Lebron James will launch an education program on Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies

The NBA legend has partnered with Crypto.com to support educational and career development opportunities focused on Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. NBA star Lebron James and his Lebron James Family Foundation (LJFF) have partnered with cryptocurrency platform Crypto.com to launch a series of educational and professional training initiatives on Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, and related technologies. “Through this partnership,…

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Turkish President Tayyip Erdoğan Orders Metaverse Investigation

Speculation was ripe that Turkey would reveal its cryptocurrency policy after the president of El Salvador visited Turkey last week. Both presidents and officials from Turkey’s ruling party met earlier this week to discuss the metaverse, with the president calling for a full investigation into the matter, reports Yahoo!. Turkish President Erdoğan reportedly asked the…

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Robinhood Starts Allowing Bitcoin Withdrawals

The trading app has started the beta phase of its bitcoin wallet feature, allowing a subset of users to self-fund their coins. Robinhood has started rolling out its long-awaited bitcoin withdrawal feature. The company said in a statement Thursday that some users on the WenWallets waiting list have begun participating in the functionality as beta…

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Kingdom of Tonga could adopt Bitcoin as legal tender, says ex-deputy

The Kingdom of Tonga may adopt bitcoin as legal tender, according to a former member of Tonga’s parliament, Lord Fusitu’a, who tweeted about a possible timeline for this event to take place. Fusitu’a believes that next autumn the Tongan parliament will pass a bill and Bitcoin could be legal tender in the region in November….

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AFCON binary sponsors to further develop the adoption of Crypto in Africa

BINANCE partner with the African soccer confederation to sponsor the total tournaments of the African Cup of nations. On Monday, the beginning of the African Total Energy Cup, the Tournament of Nations, scored the largest male soccer championship series in Africa. At the same time, Binance announced its official association with the Federal African Football…

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PayPal Considers Launching Its Own Cryptocurrency, ‘PayPal Coin’

Coindesk has confirmed that PayPal (PYPL) is ready to launch its stablecoin as it tries to flex its muscles in the cryptocurrency market. PayPal subsidiary Curv has been laying the groundwork for the stablecoin launch since September. Bloomberg first reported that PayPal is exploring the possibility of launching its own stablecoin. The stablecoin details were…

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MoneyGram invests in Bitcoin kiosk operator currency Coinme

The remittance giant acquired a 4% stake in Coinme to support the bitcoin exchange’s growth plans. Remittance giant MoneyGram has acquired a minority stake (4%) in the bitcoin-to-cash currency Coinme, according to a press release on Wednesday. The investment closes Coinme’s Series A funding round with the aim of furthering its international expansion plans and…

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The advice of Mexico’s third-richest billionaire: invest in Bitcoin, stay away from dollars, euros

Mexico’s third-richest billionaire advised people to stay away from fiat currencies like the dollar and euro and invest in bitcoins. Calling fiat money “false money made of paper and lies”, he emphasized that “central banks are printing more money than ever before”. Ricardo Salinas Pliego recommends investing in Bitcoin, says to avoid fiat currency Mexico’s…