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Japanese financial giant SBI sets up crypto funds

The Japanese financial conglomerate SBI Holdings is launching a crypto fund that will invest in several cryptocurrencies. “I want people to keep it along with other assets and see how useful it can be for diversifying portfolios,” said a company executive. SBI Holdings launches crypto funds SBI Holdings Inc. announced plans to launch a crypto…


What you need to know about this “high risk” bitcoin item

In August, digital assets made a strong comeback after nearly three months of consolidation and slowdown. In fact, Bitcoin and Ethereum were the real winners, with the S&P 500 and Nasdaq Composite ending the month with all-time highs. “BTC and ETH versus stocks” is an ancient and never-ending debate, and the correlation between the two…


Coinbase Launches Ethereum Strike For Brits And Germans

Cryptocurrency trading platform Coinbase has announced that customers in the UK and Germany can use Ethereum (ETH) and earn rewards. In addition to this new feature, Coinbase has removed the requirement to maintain a balance of 32 ETH, valued at $121,028 at the time of writing this article, and the experience to use the ETH2…


Belarusian President Says Crypto Mining Is Better Than Leaving Low Paying Jobs Abroad

Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko urged his fellow citizens to stay in the country and dig for crypto. That is better abroad in Poland and Germany, as many have done before, to take on poorly paid agricultural jobs. Is this the start of Belarus’ switch to crypto? The comments came during a speech to employees of…

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Chinese BTC miners return to center stage

Cryptocurrency miners from China are now starting to settle in neighboring countries like Russia and Kazakhstan. As a result, they are coming back online to mine new bitcoin units and once again offer serious competition to miners in the United States and other bitcoin ports. Miners in China start elsewhere Not so long ago, Beijing…

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Nigerian Central Bank Reveals CBDC Guidelines, Announces Plan to Launch E-Naira Wallet

The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) has reportedly confirmed that its e-naira digital currency will have a legal tender and non-interest-bearing asset status. In addition, a limit on customer transactions and value-based transactions will be imposed. https://news.bitcoin.com/nigerian-central-bank-reveals-cbdc-guidelines-announces-plan-to-launch-e-naira-wallet/


Why Is India Leading In Crypto Adoption?

Countries in Asia, especially India, are outpacing the rest of the world when it comes to adoption of cryptocurrencies. A recent analysis of the markets by the research firm Finder has found that the top five countries in terms of crypto ownership are all located in Asia. Though these countries were considered as unimportant earlier,…


Honduras gets its first Bitcoin ATM

TGU Consulting Group, a Honduran company based in the capital of Tegucigalpa, has reportedly installed the country’s first Bitcoin ATM. According to a Friday Reuters report, TGU chief executive Juan Mayen led the move to install the Bitcoin (BTC) ATM in one of the capital’s office buildings. The “la bitcoinera” machine allows crypto enthusiasts to…

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Major hotel in Swiss Alps now allows crypto payments

The Chedi Andermatt has 123 rooms and suites going for as low as 1,300 francs per night in the high season, or roughly 0.03 BTC or 0.45 ETH. After four years of debate, a five-star hotel in a luxurious area of the Swiss Alps is prepared to accept Bitcoin (BTC)  and Ether (ETH) as payment from…