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Russia will allow foreign residents to own and use the digital ruble

Russia’s central bank plans to convert the digital ruble into foreign currency that can be used by non-residents. In a document dedicated to digitizing the Russian financial sector, the regulator reiterates its concern about the risks associated with cryptocurrencies and insists that digital coins issued by the state are safer. The Bank of Russia will…

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Miami Mayor Francis Suarez Plans to Get a Fraction of His 401k in Bitcoin

During the first week of November, the re-elected mayor of Miami, Francis Suárez, explained that he would receive part of his salary in bitcoins through the payment processor Strike. A month later, speaking at the Real Vision Takeover event in Las Vegas, Suárez revealed that he too plans to participate in his 401k in bitcoin….

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WhatsApp launches a pilot program of cryptocurrency payments in the United States.

One of the world’s largest mobile messaging services is launching a new function, which allows its users to send and receive encryption assets. The USAApp US platform has just announced a new pilot program that is integrated by Novi, the digital portfolio developed by the main social media platform Facebook, now goal. USSAPP users based…

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Crypto Exchange Bit Mart hacked; Almost $ 200 million reported lost

It happened again, folks. Another crypto exchange hack is in the books. This time, the alleged victim is Bit Mart, which appears to have lost $ 150 million in digital currency funds at the time of this writing, although some companies, such as Peck Shield, a blockchain analytics firm, believe that the company may have…

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The largest bank in Colombia to offer bitcoin trading

Bancolombia will soon offer its clients the ability to buy and sell bitcoins through a partnership with Gemini. Cryptocurrency exchange Gemini will soon offer frictionless bitcoin trading in Colombia to clients of the country’s largest bank, Bancolombia, the company said in a statement Monday. However, it is unclear whether users will be able to withdraw…

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Sweden wants to decrease the amount of crypto mining in Europe

The fight for bitcoin mining is moving north again. This time, many authorities in Sweden believe that the encryption process should be restricted throughout Europe. In other words, it cannot happen at the rate that it is happening right now. Sweden aims to end cryptocurrency mining Cryptocurrency mining has become one of the most controversial…

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Doha Investment – dohainvestment.net

Doha Investment provides the top online possessions for online investment, risk management and advisory services to both institutional and individual investor around the globe. We offer a variety of products and functions of asset classes for all type of investors including Forex, Index, Stock and investment in various fund.Our investment philosophy is based on a…

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Crypto Exchange FTX Launches New Ethereum-Based NFT Market

Crypto exchange giant FTX is adding Ethereum-based non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to its arsenal of digital assets. The company informs its 330,000 Twitter followers that the Ethereum-based NFT market is up and running just two months after the launch of its Solana-based NFT platform. “We are excited to expand our NFT market by allowing users to…

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Finance Committee passes legislation that delays Crypto Tax in South Korea

Changes aimed at delaying the introduction of a tax on virtual assets such as cryptocurrencies in South Korea were approved by a large parliamentary committee. The bill aims to delay Seoul’s plan to impose a 20% tax on profits from cryptographic transactions. Ahead of elections, major parties return to tax exemption for cryptographic investors in…