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In Argentina, several companies accept payments in BTC, DOGE, other cryptocurrencies

Imagine going on vacation and being able to pay the Uber driver and Airbnb host with encryption. It sounds like a fantasy to many, but they say it is now a reality for users in Argentina. Regional news reports reported that crypto company Bitrefill is offering 138 prepaid cards to pay different companies. Participants in…

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Houston pension funds invest in Bitcoin (BTC)

With the expansion of the cryptocurrency market, various pension funds are beginning to take an interest in Bitcoin (BTC) and other virtual currencies. This time, the Houston Firefighters Relief and Retirement Fund decided to invest in Bitcoin and Ethereum, the two largest cryptocurrencies in the world. It is one of the first pension funds to…

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Walmart allows customers to buy Bitcoin in 200 stores

Retail giant Walmart says bitcoin can now be purchased at 200 of its stores across the United States. Cryptocurrency is offered at Coinstar kiosks located in Walmart stores. Coinstar currently offers bitcoins at more than 8,000 kiosks. Buy Bitcoin at Walmart Bitcoin can now be purchased at 200 Walmart stores across the United States, the…

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Coinbase signs multi-year approval deal with NBA

Coinbase has a new endorsement agreement with the NBA, making it the official cryptocurrency platform for the sports franchise. CNBC said yesterday that the encryption platform intends to expand its reach and that the sports league will provide the necessary exposure. “Starting tonight in the 75th NBA season, Coinbase will have a distinctive presence in…

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Zimbabwe can no longer ignore the cryptocurrencies

Several countries around the world have reported that they consider after the Savior’s initiative in the adoption of Bitcoin as a national currency. According to Zimbabwe’s Minister of Finance, Mthuli Ncube, his country is ready to make cryptomotor concessions, who thought they could reduce the cost of shipments, among other benefits. Panama, Paraguay and Mexico…

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Guernsey regulator approves launch of Bitcoin ETF by Jacobi Asset Management

The GFSC-approved Jacobi Bitcoin ETF is a cryptocurrency-based crypto financial instrument backed by Bitcoin Escrow provided by Fidelity Digital Assets. Jacobi Asset Management, a London-based multi-asset investment platform, received approval from the Guernsey Financial Services Commission (GFSC) to launch a Bitcoin (BTC) exchange-traded fund (ETF). Speaking to Cointelegraph, Jamie Khurshid, CEO of Jacobi Asset Management,…

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Traders Celebrate Looming Bitcoin ETF, But Options Markets Are Less Secure

The United States Securities and Exchange Commission, or SEC, is expected to decide on October 18 whether or not to approve an application from asset manager ProShare Capital Management for a Bitcoin Traded Fund (ETF). As previously reported by Cointelegraph, SEC Chairman Gary Gensler recently suggested that the regulator was more inclined to approve indirectly…

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Bank of Russia now rates citizens’ investments in Bitcoin

As recently as yesterday, Russian President Vladimir Putin noted the tolerance of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin to transfer funds. Today, the head of the central bank’s financial stability department assesses how much Bitcoin is held by local investors. The Bank of Russia’s Elizaveta Danilova is making headlines today after revealing that she is consulting with local…

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Why We Could See the First US Bitcoin ETF Approved in October

Several mutual funds have applied for Bitcoin ETFs in the United States. The number has grown as interest in cryptocurrencies has increased in recent months. So far, some countries have approved certain encrypted ETFs and investors can trade with them. However, the United States has yet to see the approval of its first bitcoin ETF….