Ripple Developers Launches Meme Contest on Holiday Community Boost

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Developers at Ripple Labs Inc. recently started a meme contest as part of their year-end community engagement efforts.

Ripple Developer Meme Contest

RippleX, the open platform for XRP Ledger developers, has introduced a unique and fun challenge for its developers and community members called #builtonXRPL Challenge. This initiative adds a touch of humor and creativity to the community and allows participants to win a trip to the Apex Developer Summit.

The challenge encourages developers to showcase their projects by creating memes that incorporate the #builtonXRPL emblem. RippleX actively promoted the challenge, encouraging developers to submit their best memes before the deadline. Ripple Developers’ call to action emphasizes community spirit and solidarity, making it a memorable way to close out 2023.

“Developers! Last call to submit your best meme for the #BuiltOnXRPL social challenge! Get started with #BuiltOnXRPL badges now,” reads Ripple Developers’ announcement on its social media channels, encouraging participants to embark on this creative journey.

XRPL Advances in 2023

While the meme contest adds a touch of joy to the community, the underlying technology that powers Ripple and the XRP Ledger has seen notable growth and achievements throughout the year.

On December 30, XRP Ledger hit an all-time high by processing 6.8 million transactions per day. This milestone surpassed the previous record of approximately 5 million transactions per day set in November 2021, underscoring the growing adoption and scalability of the XRP Ledger.

November also marked another milestone when Bishop Fox, a leading security firm, conducted individual audits for the XLS-38 bridge and the EVM sidechain on the XRP Ledger.

Looking ahead to 2024, RippleX CTO Joel Schwartz shares an insightful vision for the future in his report titled “RippleX 2024: A Visionary Outlook for the Future of Blockchain.”

A particularly interesting development made possible by the Cross-Chain Bridge is the introduction of a sidechain compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). Developed in collaboration with Ripple and Peersyst, this sidechain establishes a vital link between the XRP Ledger and the Ethereum ecosystem.

A major highlight is the upcoming Cross-Chain Bridge Amendment for the XRP Ledger, which is about to enter the voting process in 2024. This amendment is an important step forward, opening up new possibilities for interoperability and collaboration within the blockchain space.

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