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Coinbase’s Ethereum Layer-2 Solution

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The total value of the currency’s Ethereum solution, the total value of the solution, reaches the new historical maximum, reaches $ 742,000,000
The total blocked value (TVL) at the base, the solution of the Ethereum Coinbase (ETH) scale has reached a new historical maximum, reaching nearly $ 750 million.

The new data from the blockchain tracker in layer 2 L2Beat reveal that the base TVL is $ 742 million at the time of writing this article, a new record and an exponential increase since July 30, when it was only $ 2, 19 million.

TVL refers to the amount of capital deposited within the intelligent contracts of a protocol and is often used to measure the health of a cryptographic ecosystem.

According to the data, the top five digital actives, with the most total blocked value at the base, include the ETH itself, Stablecoins USDC and DAI, Token Rocket Poets ETH (Reth) and Ethereum Stlid Embarlets (WSTETH).

Other notable virtual currencies on the list include the Sushiswap platform (Dex), Decentralized Finance Protocol (Defi) and Stablecoin Dex Curve Finance (CRV) and the Annanza Cryptographic Loan Protocol (YFI) .

The base, launched for developers in July and the wider audience in August, was built in collaboration with the optimism of the Layer 2 (OP) scale and currently has no plans to issue its own native asset.

In addition, Dune Analytics data show that the number of base users slowly increased since the public launch of the protocol on August 9. At that time, the total number of base users was 452,386. Today there are 3.16 million users at the base.

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