Hitachi and Concordium Foundation Team Up to Develop Biometric Crypto Wallet

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The new project could eventually allow users to restore their accounts using a simple fingerprint or facial scan, the developers said.

Hitachi Research & Development is partnering with blockchain developer Concordium Foundation to create a “proof of technology” for a biometric crypto wallet, according to a Dec. 12 announcement.

The new wallet will allow users to generate a set of seed words using only their fingerprints or face scan. Users will not need to store or remember these initial words. Instead, users will be able to re-import wallet accounts by undergoing biometric verification a second time, Concordium representatives told Cointelegraph.

The wallet is still in an early stage of development and is referred to as a “tech test” by the two respective teams at this time rather than a full wallet. Once completed, it will use Hitachi’s public biometric infrastructure (PBI) in combination with the Concordium network sovereign identity framework to create biometrics-based accounts.

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