BitGo acquires HeightZero to strengthen crypto asset management services

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Cryptocurrency custody specialist BitGo has taken a strategic step into the rapidly evolving digital asset landscape by acquiring HeightZero, a software platform dedicated to providing wealth managers with tools to incorporate cryptocurrencies into their clients’ portfolios.

Although the financial details of this acquisition have not been revealed, the implications are clear for the growing institutional interest in the cryptocurrency market.

Preparing for Impending Spot Bitcoin ETF Approval

With the anticipated approval of a Bitcoin (BTC) exchange-traded fund (ETF), BitGo CEO Mike Belshe made a clear call to wealth managers and regulated investment advisors (RIAs) to act before the ETF’s launch. Belshe emphasized the importance of acting quickly in light of the imminent surge in demand for Bitcoin that the ETF is expected to trigger.

“RIAs should absolutely call BitGo, get HeightZero, get qualified custody and do it now, before the ETF,” Belshe said in a recent interview. “Because when the ETF arrives, there will be massive demand for bitcoins. Now you can wait for the ETF and then invest in it. But you will miss out on a lot of growth.”

Acquisition of HeightZero by BitGo

HeightZero has been instrumental in simplifying the integration of cryptocurrencies into traditional wealth management practices. The platform offers a variety of services including portfolio rebalancing, statement generation, tax-loss harvesting, and automated invoicing designed specifically for crypto clients.

This acquisition strengthens BitGo’s capabilities to facilitate secure, long-term holdings for institutions entering the crypto market.

BitGo recently raised $100 million in funding and has been actively pursuing strategic acquisitions. While some companies in the crypto industry have faced financial challenges, BitGo’s approach underscores a commitment to a forward-thinking strategy. The acquisition of HeightZero aligns with BitGo’s goal to be a leader in providing comprehensive cryptocurrency solutions to institutions, especially as the cryptocurrency market continues to evolve and gain traction among mainstream investors.

This acquisition is an important step for BitGo as it marks a deliberate step towards serving the wealth management industry as digital assets become an integral part of traditional investment portfolios.

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