Crypto Casino Behind Token That Exploded Over 400% in Three Months to Close Trading Platform

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A crypto casino that has seen its native assets soar more than 400% in the last three months is closing its trading platform.

In a new thread on the social media platform

“Due to regulatory uncertainty and low adoption, we have decided to suspend ‘Degen EXchange’ for now.

Any holdings in Degen EXchange can be sold or withdrawn, but the purchase of third-party assets has been disabled.

RLB functionality is not affected and RLB can be bought and sold as before.”

Additionally, Rollbit states that its sister site, Rollbot.com, will also be dismantled, adding that the closures will not change the company’s core products.

“Our sister site, Rollbot.com, will also be shutting down. The site is now withdrawal-only, with limited functionality for existing accounts.

It is important to note that these are independent changes we are making to better position and safeguard our business. There are no changes to our core product, Rollbit.com, RLB, or our NFT (non-fungible token) collections.

Last month, RLB experienced a parabolic rise, outperforming virtually every other digital asset at the time, with an increase of over 103% in just one week.

Since June, RLB has seen a price increase of approximately 8x. On June 23, the crypto asset was trading at $0.0201. At the time of writing, it is valued at $0.110, an impressive jump of over 400%.

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