Motorcycle manufacturer Ducati launches NFTs on the XRP Ledger

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Ducati is set to release its first digital collectible on the XRP Ledger, which comprises an animated sequence of Ducati logos that have appeared on motorcycle fuel tanks since 1946.

At a renowned motorcycle manufacturer and industry pioneer, Ducati has revealed plans to launch its first digital collectible, using the infrastructure of the XRP Ledger. The innovative digital souvenir from the Italy-based company will feature an animated series of Ducati logos, displayed on the fuel tanks of motorcycles manufactured since the company’s creation in 1946. Claudio Domenicali, CEO of Ducati, believes that the launch of this connection “represents an opportunity to meet and introduce ourselves to a whole new community of NFT enthusiasts.”

Interested parties have a one-week window after the July 26 launch to apply. Early adopters who purchase the starter collectible will have privileged access to future project releases. Ducati has confirmed that its upcoming initiatives will take advantage of the XRPL platform.

“During the coming months, a series of WEB 3.0 activities will be developed through the creation of new spaces for digital aggregation, NFT collections and opportunities to participate in the new activities of the WEB 3.0 universe, already relevant in the cryptocurrency community” . said the company.

Ducati has joined forces with Lamborghini, in an NFT suite titled “The Epic Road Trip”. “NFTs continue to drive activity and over 1 million assets have been minted on the Ledger since the XLS-20 launched on the mainnet.”

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