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McDonald’s launches McNuggets-themed metaverse in Hong Kong

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McDonald’s Hong Kong branch has finally entered the metaverse, joining a host of other global brands such as Adidas, Coca-Cola and Gucci in adopting web3.

The leading fast food chain launched its metaverse dubbed McNuggets Land on Thursday, July 21 on Animoca Brands’ sister gaming platform, The Sandbox.

McDonald’s launched the iconic metaverse to mark the 40th anniversary of its Chicken McNuggets (a type of chicken nugget), which became available worldwide in 1983.

McDonald’s McNuggets debuts ramps with Sandbox game protocol

Based on the online gaming platform The Sandbox, McNuggets Land allows Sandbox users to play mini-games in a McNuggets-themed virtual space. Players who complete quests and other McNugget-related activities earn rewards such as SAND tokens (the Sandbox’s native cryptocurrency) and in-game accessories.

The metaverse also allows Hong Kong Sandbox users to earn real-world McDonald’s coupons when they complete missions and will remain open until August 28.

For context, The Sandbox is an Ethereum-based metaverse gaming platform and a subsidiary of Hong Kong-based gaming company Anomica Brands Corporation Ltd. It allows users to create, monetize, and personalize their gaming experience in the metaverse.

McDonald’s metaverse project isn’t Sandbox’s first with that branding. He has secured multiple deals with brands and celebrities in the country, including Snoop Dogg, Adidas and Warner Music Group, to help develop decentralized virtual worlds. In December 2021, Adidas purchased land in The Sandbox Metaverse as it prepared to launch its first NFT collection, Adidas Originals.

Web3 Prepares to Dethrone Web2 as Major Brands Accelerate Metaverse Moves

Meanwhile, Hong Kong-based Sandbox-based McNuggets Land is not McDonald’s first blockchain-enabled project. McDonald’s often employs blockchain technology for its promotional activities, as its US and mainland Chinese branches launched NFT collections in late 2021.

In late October 2021, McDonald’s USA launched its first NFT to commemorate the 40th anniversary of McRib, its regularly sold-out barbecue-flavored pulled pork sandwich. In early October 2021, the China-based McDonald’s branch launched its first NFT to commemorate its 31st anniversary in the mainland China market.

Additionally, an NFT dubbed “Big Mac Cube” was a 3D digital token inspired by McDonald’s branding and the shape of its new headquarters building in Shanghai. After that, McDonald’s China became the first Chinese restaurant brand to launch NFT collectibles.

But apart from McDonald’s, several global brands like Coca-Cola, Adidas, Starbucks, and Nike have ventured into Web3 and are actively exploiting the power of blockchain technology. Web3-based technologies such as virtual space and non-fungible tokenization provide these companies with innovative strategies to promote their brands.

In July 2022, Coca-Cola celebrated its first anniversary in the metaverse with NFTs inspired by the bubbles inside Coca-Cola bottles and the themes of connection and unity. To date, Coca-Cola has created more than 4,000 collectibles, some of which are limited editions.

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