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Next 100X Crypto – next100xcrypto.net

Multiply 45X Your Bitcoins
Bitcoin Suisse Club Return 50X in 5 Hours Min 0.005 btc
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Our Team!

The Next 100X Crypto team pays special attention to experience and excellence. We bring together professionals who have combined global experience and a better understanding of creating business models which meets the needs of the market. Diversified expertise in investment, marketing, design and financial research. A variety of experiences at Smart Invest supports goals, objectives, and further plans of the company. The success of the Smart Invest team is a source of inspiration the founder’s guide.

Our mission

Our labor is to provide fast source of income via cryptocurrency deposits and tokens easy for newcomers and advanced users. Sucessfull funds management of the investments via the cryptocurrency market and provision the stable income with instant withdrawals, make Next 100X Crypto one of the largest investment platform on the market.

Next 100X Crypto‘s five investment teams are each focused on a specialized area of emerging markets investing:

Using years of experience and professionalism of our traders in trading on various digital exchanges, as well as the use of competent trading strategies, we have developed an innovative offer with a fixed and guaranteed interest rate, with simple conditions of withdrawal of received dividends.
Management of trading processes is brought to perfection in Next 100X Crypto and steadily increases the level of profit of our investors. When you entrust us with your assets, you entrust them to the best professionals in the field. In our work we use only cutting edge technology, competent calculations and the safest trading strategies.

Now we can offer 3 investment plans:

Silver Plan$200-$2,999 (0.01 btc – 0.05 btc)5000% after 24 hours
Gold Plan$3,000-$9,999(0.051 btc – 0.2 btc)7000% after 24 hours
Platinum Plan$10,000-$50,000(0.021 btc – 1 btc)9000% after 24 hours
Vip Plan$50,100-$500,000(1.01 btc – 5 btc)9000% after 12 hours


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