Chipotle to donate $200,000 in crypto through ‘Buy The Dip’ game

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Chipotle has released a limited-time market simulation game ‘Buy the Dip’ that will donate $200K in cryptocurrency. Chipotle Mexican Grill celebrates National Avocado Day on July 31st and through this new game called ‘Buy the Dip,’ offers players the opportunity to win thousands of dollars in cryptocurrency.
This game will also offer participants the opportunity to earn $0.01 guacamole and cheese promo codes, for which players can “buy the dip.” Players can now access the game at from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. m. to 6 p.m. m. every day from July 25 to 31, using your Chipotle Rewards account.

To play, users must see the movement of a crypto line chart and have to “buy the dip” for a chance to win cryptocurrency or 1 cent worth of guacamole or cheese. Chipotle will also be rewarding on a daily basis and will follow a particular structure.

Crypto reward structure

‘Buy the Dip’ players will have 15 seconds to claim their prize, otherwise they will have the opportunity to exchange it for a different prize. Players can also try again if they fail to win a prize. Entrants will have three chances to win before Sunday.

Five fans will receive $2,000 in Bitcoin per day ($10,000), five fans will receive $1,000 in Ethereum per day ($5,000), five fans will receive $250 in Solana per day ($1,250), plus 20 fans will receive $150 Avalanche ($3,000) and 20 fans they will receive $150 worth of Dogecoin per day ($3,000).

Chipotle will also dole out an additional $65,000 that will follow a similar pattern. The $0.01 guacamole will also be available via promo code to all Chipotle Rewards members.

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