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Malaysia is not worried about the state of cryptocurrencies

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The crypto space has not been doing well lately. Many well-known currencies like BTC and ETH are still falling like crazy, but according to the young Malaysian investors, the situation is not a cause for concern and they continue to invest as if nothing has changed.

Malaysian crypto trading remains strong

Anthony Pang, for example, is a 30-year-old investor who recently got into cryptocurrencies. In a recent interview, he commented that he is currently letting that happen. He is confident that things will get better in the future and believes that the only people who suffer losses are the ones who cash in when bears take over. He stated:

I only consider it a loss if I cash out in this bear market...Invest only the money you can afford to lose.

Another Malaysian trader named Muhamad Al Hafiz Hambali is 35 years old. He is not worried about the state of the space these days and he does not feel any anxiety about the volatility or the see-saw nature of cryptocurrencies. He says that as long as he’s aware of the risks, there shouldn’t be anything to get too upset about. He commented:

I spent almost RM10,000 in less than a year. We are now experiencing a 'little hiccup' and I believe the situation will return to normal soon.

He initially entered the crypto space by watching trading videos on YouTube. This lured him into participating and he doesn’t regret his investment, even though everything is wrong at the moment. He says:

I find it very interesting and at the beginning I made a lot of money.

Jeffrey Halley, who works in foreign exchange trading, said that Malaysia and other countries are affected by US inflation. He also says that there is a lot of concern about what the Fed will do to strengthen measures for the economy.

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