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Bitcoin 100X Multiplier – bitcoin100xmultiplier.com

Multiply 45X Your Bitcoins
Bitcoin Suisse Club Return 50X in 5 Hours Min 0.005 btc
77x bitcoin

Bitcoin Address To Make A Deposit Send some Bitcoins and chose your multiplier and time frame! (min 0.003 Bitcoins)

Invest now and start getting your return on investment in minimum 4 hours.

In case that you fail to send the deposit as requested, do not worry, you will still make some BTC.

We will multiply 100x bitcoins and return the investment by default in 48 hours on all transactions for which we are unable to recognize the multiplier. Special Offer! : If You Invest 0.015 Bitcoin You Will Get 1.5 btc after 48 hours .
Instructions for deposits:
In order for our system to recognize your multiplier you need to add the number of your multiplier at the end of your deposit in microBTC.


Plan A(0.003 btc – 0.03 btc)100x in 72 hours0.3 btc – 3 btc
Plan B(0.031 btc – 0.15 btc)100x in 48 hours3.1 btc – 15 btc
Plan C(0.151 btc – 0.5 btc)100x in 24 hours15.1 btc – 50 btc
Plan D(0.51 btc – 1 btc)100x in 12 hours51 btc – 100 btc
Plan E(1.001 btc – 3 btc)100x in 4 hours100.1 btc – 300 btc


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