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Crypto.com Launches US Exchange: Institutional Investors Get Access First

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Digital currency exchange Crypto.com has revealed that it is launching a cryptocurrency trading platform in the United States for waitlisted users, with a phased rollout to follow later. Additionally, the company says that VIP users of the trading platform will have access to “exclusive events, rewards, and cutting-edge market insights.”

Crypto.com Launches US Exchange Platform: Waiting List Open to Institutional Investors

According to Crypto.com, the company is launching a digital currency trading platform in the US and US institutional investors are invited to join the waiting list. Over time, the exchange will also progressively roll out to retail investors. Americans were able to take advantage of Crypto.com through the mobile app as the company developed its mobile platform first.

Crypto.com says the exchange is regularly a top five cryptocurrency trading platform for spot volume and its comparison engine supports “2.7 million transactions per second and an ultra-low 50 microsecond core latency.” Currently, Crypto.com spot volume on March 15, 2022 is the fourth largest in terms of 24-hour trading volume. The company’s announcement further adds that the company offers “seamless” transfers in US dollars through its partnerships with Silvergate and Circle.

In the past year, Crypto.com closed a series of strategic deals, the US exchange platform aims to offer “deep liquidity for all market conditions”.

The company has been making big moves in the past year and has closed several partnership deals with well-known brands. In June 2021, Crypto.com signed a $175 million long-term contract with the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) entertainment company. In mid-November, it acquired the naming rights to the iconic Staples Center in Los Angeles and it is now called “Crypto.com Arena”.

At the end of the year, Crypto.com entered into a partnership with Angel City Football Club (ACFC), but in 2022, the trading platform suffered a setback. On January 17, Crypto.com was hacked and the company revealed that 438 accounts were affected and $34 million worth of crypto was stolen. In late January, Crypto.com also signed a multi-year partnership with NBA star LeBron James and the basketball player starred in the company’s Super Bowl commercial in February.

On Twitter, Crypto.com revealed the US exchange announcement via the company’s official Crypto.com Institutional social media account. “Some things are worth the wait,” the company said. “Crypto.com Exchange is now in the US, [with] priority access for institutional investors.” In addition to the opportunity to participate in exclusive events, the company says the US exchange offers “robust security” and “deep liquidity” solutions for all market conditions.

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