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Wall Street Chads sets the standard for NFTs with an innovative ecosystem

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The NFT ecosystem is one of the most competitive in the blockchain industry, but innovative projects always find a way to stand out from the crowd. One of them is Wall Street Chads, which has caught the attention of collectors, cryptocurrency traders and NFT enthusiasts since its launch in July 2021.

Wall Street Chads is an NFT project that created the first community-managed decentralized investment platform. NFT lovers and crypto enthusiasts can experience a seamless and frictionless social community investing experience powered by Chads NFT.

3333 NFT Chads sold out

Wall Street Chads took an innovative approach, breaking the record for longest mint in history and it took 179 days (September 12, 2021 to March 3, 2022) to officially sell their NFT Chads collection. Unlike other NFT platforms, the WSC has opted for an organic mint when developing the product and building its community, rather than spending big on marketing and promoting the project.

This approach differs from other NFT collections that attract temporary investors looking to profit from manipulative schemes that attempt to temporarily raise the price through false advertisements or recommendations. The WSC has been able to ensure that its core community base believes in its long-term potential and this has brought great value and stability to its NFTs.

The current floor price for individual Chad NFTs is twice the price of mint and its community is one of the strongest and most loyal in the space, exemplified by the fact that only 3% of holders have put their NFTs up for sale.

Wall Street Chads is a collection of 3,333 unique programmatically generated characters that live and thrive on the Ethereum blockchain as ERC-721 tokens. Chad’s NFTs are heavily inspired by the aura of the movie “The Wolf of Wall Street” and the official WallStreetBets avatar known as “Fuck Boy”.

But more importantly, ownership of a Chadian NFT grants full trading rights and access to Corpo-Net, the WSC’s official investment portal. Chadian NFT holders also have access to a rapidly growing community of investors looking to earn higher returns.

A community-driven NFT ecosystem

The Wall Street Chads community currently consists of retail traders, entrepreneurs, Wall Street executives, bankers and NFT enthusiasts in general. In addition, the community is also supported by top-tier NFT holders such as BAYC members and has attracted the best players in the crypto space.

Wall Street Chads goes beyond conventional NFT projects and redefines what community investing means, taking retail investing to the next level with its product offerings. Unlike other NFT collections that raise money by promising to create products, Wall Street Chads has created a working product called Corpo-Net, which is a closed Chad-NFT portal that provides various utilities for members of the NFT community.

Members can create investment proposals, vote on them, and effectively coordinate an investment strategy based on community input. Corpo-Net is officially active and has already started to receive investment proposals from the community.

The Wall Street Chads also pioneered the Trade-To-Earn (TEE) model that encourages active traders and ensures that community members are rewarded for their efforts. In addition, the WSC treasury known as ‘ToDAOMoon.eth’ is designed to be sustainable. The treasury receives 50% of all funds raised during minting and 50% of royalties from secondary markets. Users can also access an elegant dashboard that visualizes all assets in the WSC treasury and the performance of individual proposals, which are analyzed in detail across multiple channels on their Discord.

More developments on the horizon

Wall Street Chads has an ambitious roadmap and intends to launch future products that will increase its treasury and community funds. Some of these include the launch of an upcoming derivatives collection and the issuance of its native $WSC token.

The WSC token will be rolled out to Chadian NFT holders and will empower their ecosystem. Holders will have access to innovative financial products and services. Additionally, Wall Street Chads aims to become the information hub for all things financial, and members will get great value from industry experts.

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