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Drake Wins Over $1 Million Bitcoin in Super Bowl Bet

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Superstar rapper Drake won two of his three Super Bowl LVI bets, taking home over $1 million in bitcoin winnings.

Viral Canadian rapper Drake made waves last week when he placed over $1.26 million worth of BTC in bets for Super Bowl LVI, using Instagram to show the world his bet on Bitcoin casino and sports betting platform, Stake.

Drake risked more than $471,000 on the Rams to win, earning a payout of more than $711,000. The rapper also made two other bets centered on the Rams and Bitcoiner superstar Odell Beckham Jr.

Both bets risked $393k each for Beckham to top 62.5 yards and score at least one touchdown, earning the $844k payday for Odell to score a touchdown in the first quarter. Drake did not win his final bet as Beckham’s night ended early with a knee injury, completing just 52 receiving years, according to CBS Sports.

If the last bet came true, Drake would have raised another $711,000 worth of Bitcoin for a total of $2.27 million, but ended up with a profit of just over $1.5 million. With celebrities like Drake taking big BTC positions in sports betting, the bitcoin sports betting landscape just got a whole lot more exciting.

“This is everything I ever dreamed of, you know,” Beckham told CBS Sports. “And there was a time when I was in the back room and they told me it was over, I couldn’t play. And I had to go back in there and be a part of it because it’s so much bigger than me. And these guys did it and they made it happen.”

Last fall, Beckham decided to accept his new bitcoin salary, becoming one of the latest NFL stars to do so along with Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

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