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WhatsApp launches a pilot program of cryptocurrency payments in the United States.

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One of the world’s largest mobile messaging services is launching a new function, which allows its users to send and receive encryption assets.

The USAApp US platform has just announced a new pilot program that is integrated by Novi, the digital portfolio developed by the main social media platform Facebook, now goal. USSAPP users based in the USA UU can exchange digital coins without having to change to another application.

Whatsapp’s head says CathCart on a Tweet,

“New in the US UU: Use your NOVI digital portfolio to send and receive money well inside a WhatsApp chat.

People use [WhatsApp] to coordinate the sending of money for loved ones, and now Novi will help them do this safe, instantly and without charges. “

In October, Novi announced for the first time a limited launch involving the USDP Dollar (USDP) StableCoin, which is guaranteed by the Cigbase custody confidence company.

Now, the Chief of Novi Stephane Kasriel says it’s time to take the next step forward.

In a series of tweets, he explains,

“Since we present Novi Pilot only six weeks ago, we have been able to try and learn what features and functionalities are more important for people and concentrate our efforts to improve even better.

We are still very early on the Novi Pilot trip, so we made the decision to try this new point of entry into a country to begin and try to extend it once we hear from people what they think of this new experience.

The use of Novi does not change the privacy of whatsapp and calls personal messages, which are always encrypted end at the end. “

The Novi website says that WhatsApp users can send money in a simple way, as they would send a message, while still remained in the chat.

Currently, it is free send and receive funds using NOVI in WhatsApp.

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