MetaGods Raises a $3 Million Investment to Develop an 8-Bit Action RPG Game to Win

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PRESS MetaGods, the world’s first 8-bit blockchain-based action RPG, has raised $3 million in funds from investors who support it. Several investors and partners have joined forces to combine blockchain technology and the fast-growing gaming industry to revolutionize the world of non-fungible tokens.

MetaGods is the world’s first 8-bit blockchain-based action RPG. Players will be able to build their own mythology-based avatars and acquire unique characters and abilities. In addition to fighting dangerous monsters, the MetaGods blockchain will allow players to exchange virtual goods for cryptocurrencies, giving them the chance to gain something real from their adventures in a digital world.

The project thanks its incredible investors: Hashed, Mr Beast, ABV, Cinchblock, BoxMining, Faculty Capital, Raptor Capital, CoinUnited, Magnus Capital, Banter Capital and Icetea Labs for their support.

This remarkable group of investors has provided MetaGods with the momentum and industry recognition they need to move forward on their journey. MetaGods will use the funds to improve their game and develop a complete platform for their community.

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About MetaGods

MetaGods is an 8-bit action RPG in which players battle the gods on their way to ascension. Each NFT character is created by the union of mortals, demigods and titans. They will band together and fight epic bosses while slowly transforming into true gods.

The game works on a dual guide system. $MGOD and $RELIC are the two platform tokens. $MGOD is used as a project governance token and can be used to enter special events. $RELIC is a winable game currency that supports the MetaGods game-to-win framework.

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