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Miami give Bitcoin to his citizens, allow the use of payments.

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The mayor of the city, Francis Suárez, shared his plans to create a Bitcoin ecosystem in Miami, but using bad tools.

The city of Miami will soon begin to give Bitcoin to his citizens, his Mayor Francis Suarez announced in a CORDEDESK TV interview Thursday morning. When asked if he imagined that Bitcoin was used as money, even as a tax payment method, Suarez confirmed with confidence of such intentions.

“I will see a world very quickly where the System Satoshi is what is used to make payments, we have to make this jump,” said the mayor. “We need people to understand that Bitcoin increases with value and yes, we want you to have Bitcoin. But at the same time we have to increase the Bitcoin utility, which increases the value and also creates more Features so that people can be in a better currency, frankly. “

Suárez firmly leads an agenda to create an integral ecosystem of Bitcoin in Miami and announced last week, would take all his salary to Bitcoin. The Mayor also wants to allow the city officials to be paid at the BTC and allows residents to pay the city’s tariffs and taxes in the decentralized currency.

Later, the mayor added that the city plans to launch a digital portfolio in combination with Bitcoin exchanges for Air Bitcoin, the naughty obtained thanks to the miramicine neck in the battery protocol for its residents. Suárez ultimately hopes to allow citizens to use Bitcoin and Miamicoin as they wish, with Hodl or to transmit marketers in the street.

“Miramicin is based on the battery protocol stacked at Bitcoin Blockchain. There are therefore all types of links and participation between one and the other,” said Suarez.

However, the connection between batteries and Bitcoin is not so closely linked to which the Mayor believes. The batteries are a block of blocks entirely separated with your own mining system and consensus rules. The project can be considered in the best cases of Sidchain and differs completely from the founding spirit of the Bitcoin project and what is proposed to reach it in society. The batteries also have their own token, which is extracted because their culus cards receive Bitcoin in a process stack, call “transfer test”.

The batteries are based on the willingness of Bitcoin holders to exchange their BTC for battery chips on one street, hoping to get future benefits, because performance is generated from their “stacking”, A process that is not entirely aligned with the incorruptible test – work system that supports Bitcoin.

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