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Coinbase makes Shiba Inu crypto available to New York residents after adding SHIB trading pairs

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Coinbase, the Nasdaq-listed cryptocurrency exchange, has made shiba inu cryptocurrency available to New York residents, who can now trade, buy, sell, and store SHIB on Coinbase. This announcement follows the exchange adding SHIB trading pairs.

Coinbase strengthens its Shiba Inu crypto offerings

Cryptocurrency Exchange Coinbase announced on Friday that the shiba inu cryptocurrency (SHIB) is now available to residents of the US state of New York. Coinbase tweeted on Friday:

It's official, SHIB is now available to trade, buy, sell, and store on Coinbase for New York residents.

This announcement follows the addition by Coinbase of a few SHIB trading pairs. Coinbase Pro’s official Twitter account tweeted on Wednesday:

The SHIB-EUR and SHIB-GBP order books are now in full trading mode. Limit, Market and Stop orders are now available.

The price of SHIB soared on Friday after falling the day before. So far, SHIB has increased by 21% in the last 24 hours and by 261% in the last 30 days. Over the past week, the currency has fallen almost 9%.

SHIB recently switched to its rival dogecoin (DOGE) and became the ninth largest cryptocurrency in the world. As of this writing, dogecoin has regained its rank and SHIB is now the tenth largest crypto by market cap.

On Monday, the Kraken cryptocurrency exchange tweeted indicating that SHIB would be listed on its platform from Tuesday. However, trading is not over and SHIB is not yet listed on the Kraken. “Community is an important part of our consideration for all announcements and you have clearly shown your support. We still have work to do as we go through our list review process,” Kraken tweeted afterwards. failing to list the SHIB on Tuesday.

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