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Changing Facebook’s brand to meta causes mana to explode

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Mana (MANA / USDT) has been absolutely insane ever since Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg threw a bomb when he announced that the most popular social media platform, which has 2.89 billion active users per month, decided to change their name. For META (new ticker from December 1, 2021: MVRS) to reflect its growing interest in the development of the metaverse. The founder left no room for speculation: “From now on, we’ll be metaverse first, not Facebook first.”

Despite rumors circulating, neither Zuck nor anyone else recognized Decentraland’s MANA token in their plans in any form, but that hasn’t stopped crypto investors and speculators from betting on a massive growth in assets, which resulted in an incredibly parabolic movement. price that has taken the currency’s market cap to around $ 3.8 billion (according to coingecko.com) at the time of this writing and raised it to the TOP 50 cryptocurrency.

For most of October, until last Thursday when news of the rebranding came out, MANA was stuck in a frustrating parallel trading channel between $ 0.72 and $ 0.80 and was losing steadily. of its value compared to most cryptocurrencies. Two days were enough for immense buying pressure to push the price up over 300%, pegging the new ATH at $ 4.11 on Saturday night, before a large but expected correction pushed the price up. The price would drop back below $ 3 on the last day of the month.

It looks like Shiba Inu (SHIB / USDT) finally won a valid competition for the most popular cryptocurrency title in the last quarter of 2021. SHIB is up 770% since the start of the fourth quarter compared to the rise of 273% MANA so far, but the momentum seems to have changed dramatically in favor of the Decentraland token over the past three days. Additionally, MANA’s explosive rush actually seems more lasting than that of memecoins, as there is a real fully functional product behind it, not to mention that Shiba Inu’s market cap is already very large ($ 36 billion), which which makes it much harder to keep going. upright vertically.


Well, for those of you who are not yet familiar with the fascinating metamonde called Decentraland, let me update it by describing it as a “virtual world powered by the Ethereum blockchain developed and owned by its users, who can create, view and monetize content. and applications using a popular browser (www: decentraland.net) such as Chrome, Firefox, Opera or Brave (the client is only available on the desktop at the moment). A Metamask wallet is required to fully participate, unless you just want to experience a virtual tourist walking through one of the Metacity’s many thoroughfares, entering the NFT galleries while chatting with others. people represented by animated avatars similar to Roblox which can be personalized on a whim etc.

If you like what you see and understand the monetary potential of this decentralized digital world, there are several ways you can take advantage of it. By far the most popular are buying, selling and renting plots (16m x 16m each), which is a limited asset in Decentraland with only 90,000 pieces to sell (only a few thousand plots have an owner according to etherscan, still in its early stages) Without a doubt, the element of scarcity indicates enormous potential for future income. The most expensive plan sold for $ 270,000, while many others sold for around $ 100,000 each, with many transactions taking place over the past few days. Inflation has also been rampant in RVs, especially over the past three or four days!

A popular venue, near a plaza or in a densely populated area, can be used to create your own games, museums, exhibits, or start a business that displays and sells various NFTs and services, with art galleries being the option. the most common. But the possibilities are actually almost limitless with casinos (one of those that apparently hires live human dealers), gaming sites, advertising spaces (Samsung is one of the owners of the store and also has an association. official), educational sites, art exhibitions. the list goes on.

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