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Zimbabwe can no longer ignore the cryptocurrencies

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Several countries around the world have reported that they consider after the Savior’s initiative in the adoption of Bitcoin as a national currency. According to Zimbabwe’s Minister of Finance, Mthuli Ncube, his country is ready to make cryptomotor concessions, who thought they could reduce the cost of shipments, among other benefits.

Panama, Paraguay and Mexico have already made positive noise regarding the possible acceptance of Bitcoin as currency. Zimbabwe is the last addition of this list and a very welcome addition, since it is the first African country to investigate the potential of Cryptomabous.

In 2016, the Zimbabwee government posture in cryptotobrities was very different. Bitcoin was considered something that could be used for money laundering and other fraudulent activities.

It seems surprising that many governments and banks continue to do that same observation over the years and until recently. Even a very fundamental research on how Bitcoin’s works would have discovered the fact that this is the last place, criminals would like to hide their money, given the transparency and immunitability of block of blocks.

However, in a recent presentation in Dubai, Finance Minister Zimbabwee stated that a potential solution that uses cryptomonecura could reduce the cost of shipments in his country. So he was ready to embrace this possibility.

It seems that Zimbabwe is not ready, accepting a crypt as a currency, but legitimizing them as a type of assets and uses them potentially. Finance Minister declared the following:

“But our opinion is that we do not want it to be a coin, we want this to be an investment class. Then through the Victoria Falls Bag Platform, let’s try to create products depending on the crypt there, which are surrounded. Ring inside the offshore zone “.

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