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Bitcoin Exchange CoinCorner Acquires Coinfloor Client Base and Domains

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UK exchanges have agreed to move Coinfloor clients to CoinCorner “for further bitcoin adoption.”

CoinCorner acquired Coinfloor's internet domains and customer base (coinfloor.co.uk and coinfloor.com).

Coinfloor customers have one month to decide whether to migrate or close their accounts. If they choose to close their accounts, they will need to withdraw all of their funds.

CoinCorner will offer Coinfloor clients a wide range of services, including bitcoin refund.

CoinCorner, a UK bitcoin exchange and service provider, announced today that it has acquired the customer base and internet domains of another UK BTC exchange, Coinfloor.

“We are very excited to welcome Coinfloor customers to CoinCorner,” said Danny Scott, CEO of CoinCorner, in an announcement shared with Bitcoin magazine. “Customers will now have access to our wide range of offerings, including Lightning payments, Bitcoin reimbursement, and many other future features such as Bitcoin-backed debit cards and loans.”

Coinfloor clients will have one month, starting October 4, to migrate their accounts, contracts and balances to CoinCorner or close their Coinfloor accounts and withdraw all available funds after fees. If the user does not manually choose a route, their accounts and balances will be migrated automatically.

Coinfloor was founded in 2013 and was the oldest bitcoin exchange in the UK. During the transition period, the CEO of the company, Obi Nwosu, will assume an advisory role at CoinCorner.

“CoinCorner and Coinfloor have always upheld the same principles: to grow and support the philosophy and the Bitcoin technology community; focus on helping customers as our top priority; and provide safe and easy ways to buy Bitcoin, ”said Nwosu. “Above all, we strive to make Bitcoin simple, safe and reliable for our users. “

CoinCorner, founded in 2014, offers a wider range of bitcoin-related services, including buying and selling BTC, a bitcoin payment solution, and the first bitcoin refund service available for the UK.

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