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This American mayor wants to give all the houses of your city $1000 in Bitcoin in your city.

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When he went to a growing number of the United States with a positive provision in Bitcoin (BTC), said Jayson Stewart, assured enough donations to take all the houses in this cool, Missouri, parachuting to assign a House, Missouri. The project, designed to help mitigate the effects of the Covid pandemic 19, was initially responsible for allowing 500 to 500 US dollars in the small town of about 1,500 inhabitants.

However, Mayor Mayor Stewart thought of financing each part of the country. The Immortal Trust of Stewarts is known in Bitcoin’s revolutionary capacities, which is noted in an interview with Bitcoin magazine that the main digital currency “A” faces a new thought of humanity in the future “.

“He gave me hope and optimism, we can overcome some of the worst parts of the system in which we are integrated, and we really created a future exactly as we love it, there is a degree of hope And optimism that I get from Bitcoin, “he added. Prepare each house to maximize the donation of Bitcoin.

Despite the fact that Bitcoin is now also presented in the United States on the first pages of the most important media publications, the majority is not the appropriate understanding of the digital currency. Before issuing cash donations from Bitcoin, Mayor Stewart says that education forums are organized for possible beneficiaries so that they can start crypt from the beginning. “We rather our own Bitcoin as quickly as possible,” said the mayor. With the money paid in Bitcoin, Stewart will also allow the inhabitants to decide that Hodl earn more than his pockets, because cryptocurence tends to grow in time.

In the evaluation. In addition to this Bitcoin initiative, Stewart also reaffirmed his desire to attract other kinship companies and Bitcoin investments in a cold valley. In the interview, the mayor sketched how his program takes its depth of American culture of freedom.

“Bitcoin is essentially American, it is the most American, our government is based on freedom and personal freedom, freedom and rights and self-profitability, and all things that really is, I think it is A natural marriage that Bitcoin is booming in America. ” He said.

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