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Miami Mayor Says City Explores How To Accept Bitcoin For Tax Payment

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Miami Mayor Francis Suárez said his city is taking a new step in the adoption of Bitcoin by exploring how to accept BTC for taxes.

In a new interview on The Best Business Show with Anothony Pompliano, Suárez says that as Bitcoin emerges into the mainstream, keeping BTC on Miami’s balance sheet seems to make more and more sense.

“This may require changes in state law, so we are working with the state to create a crypto-friendly environment for our state, which requires how we classify Bitcoin, regulation, banking and , of course, things like keeping it on our balance sheet. … Cada día que Bitcoin se vuelve cada vez más común, creo que es un buen día para que la ciudad lo mantenga como un activo, particularly dados algunos de los niveles de inflación que estamos viendo en el IPC (índice de precios al consumidor) durante el last year. some moths.

” Suarez, who paved the way for the creation of the city’s alternative currency called MiamiCoin (MIA), said his government was also looking for ways to start integrating Bitcoin into its tax system. According to the mayor, city authorities have already started the legislative process to someday allow the payment of taxes, fees and more with BTC. “

I think one way to integrate Bitcoin is for governments not to be hostile to it, but to reap the benefits of technology. Like everything in government, it’s a process, and now we’re about to release in October what’s called a ‘request for proposals’, that’s how we have to select suppliers, and we’ll have a provider that will allow us to pay our employees in Bitcoin, and allow us to accept Bitcoin in exchange for a fee. We also have a county commissioner who made a parallel resolution in the county to explore the possibility of allowing us to pay taxes.

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