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MasterCard for the first time in cooperation with Mourinho

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Mastercard launched the first NFT that was created in co-operation with Mourinho football player who is its current MasterCard World Ambassador.

The UK winner gets a nft containing a digital signature of the famous football legend. Mastercard’s first NFT grants MasterCard Tombola in the United Kingdom.

People who meet the circumstances can be applied to the drawing that will be closed on September 30. NFT Mastercard‘s Youtube clip is simply the right: this is the first time you remember MasterCard José Mourinho. Payments The giants use the NFT-growing sector as a means of marketing the global network is not surprising.

Recently, Visa acquired the Cryptoprok NFT $ 150,000, which jumped from the growing economy leader. Although traditional companies have begun to buy encryption in the economy, the growing NFT industry has chosen for media and dealers as an industrial resort to market their products. Taco Bell, Coca Cola, Nike and Microsoft are part of the most important companies that have seen the NFT value.

Forbes recently shared the study of Adweek / Harris research in which they analyze the impact of NFT’s impact on the economy. The results of the study revealed the following: “40% of respondents said they are” familiar with nft and 81% said they are “aware of” them. Millennials are more likely to invest in TVN, as well as “collectors” that deserve more than $ 100,000 .. to consumers who have said they are interested in buying TVN, the percent of the most respondents (36%) said they wanted a song. closer to, 35%, announces that they are interested in digital images., and 33% reported to be interested in the videos “

In 2020, the total amount produced by NFT was $ 95 million. At the end of P2 2021, the number had reached $ 2.5 billion. Many brands recognize the meaning of NFT’s significance as a means of demonstrating their brand identity and as a means of combining new audiences.

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