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No taxes for foreign BTC investors in El Salvador!

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El Salvador said foreign Bitcoin investors do not have to pay taxes on profits from cryptocurrency transactions.

El Salvador makes it easier for foreign BTC investors The news comes a little over a week after people in Central America declared Bitcoin legal tender.

El Salvador is the first country to do so, and it seems that many more, like Paraguay, are interested in following in the country’s footsteps. Government adviser Javier Argueta said this was likely a move to encourage foreign investment in the country.

In a recent interview he says: If a person owns bitcoin assets and makes large profits, no tax is levied. This (is) ostensibly to encourage foreign investment … No capital gains or income taxes are paid. While steps were being taken to increase investment in El Salvador, Argueta, who is also a personal advisor to President Nayib Bukele, said that steps have also been taken to ensure that foreign investment is not illegal and money laundering is not taking place.

Money. in El Salvador. He explained: We are implementing a number of recommendations from international institutions to combat money laundering. The road to legalizing Bitcoin in El Salvador has not been easy.

The nation first sought help from large institutions like the World Bank to implement the Bitcoin agenda. The bank eventually said “no” and decided that Bitcoin was too risky and unstable. El Salvador then decided to continue realizing the digital future without outside help.

The country has even built a brand new digital wallet system called “Chivo”, which means “super” in the country. The wallet is designed to help citizens interested in trading Bitcoin to learn about the global digital currency based on the global market boundary.

He even donated around $ 30 to BTC for many acceptable traders to help them get started. BTC does not fascinate anyone However, several people firmly opposed the Bitcoin agenda that El Salvador is so determined to take root.

Protests have taken place in the country’s capital, San Salvador, in recent weeks, with people wearing negative posters and shouting bullfights to claim they are using the US dollar, a currency that El Salvador has previously trusted, ” doing well”. Bukele has since informed people that Bitcoin is not taxed.

They only have the option to use it when they wish. He says Bitcoin is being introduced primarily to ensure that transfers are easier for people sending money to their families while working overseas in the United States.

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