Germany overtakes the United States with Bitcoin nodes

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For the first time, Germany has more Bitcoin nodes than the United States, according to an analysis of Bitnodes data.

There are currently more than 10,000 matched Bitcoin nodes in the world, or nodes that allow inbound connections. Of these, 1,833 are in Germany and 1,821 in the United States, France third with 549, while China has only 152 Bitcoin nodes.

Germany was overtaking the United States in 2019, but at that time America used 2,400 knots and Germany 1,900. It was still significant because the German population is about four times smaller than the United States, while the economy is about five times smaller, but it has managed to overtake the United States.

This appears to be due in part to the fact that the number of U.S. nodes decreased by about 700 publicly available nodes during this period, while German nodes remained upright. It’s not clear what these nodes are, as it can range from a child in the basement playing with bitcoin to a global entity like Coinbase. But what seems a little self-evident is that Germany is an undervalued coding powerhouse, in part because many American programmers have chosen the country to set it up because of strict privacy laws.

One of the most striking images of our time is Google Street View, which covers the entire U.S. and Europe in blue, but almost nothing from Germany and only Germany. There is also the Chaos Computer Club (CCC) in Germany, described as the largest hacking association in Europe and with 7,700 registered members.

There are, of course, quite a few Bitcoin encoders, including some key Bitcoin developers, and who knows, Satoshi Nakamoto himself may only be in Germany. Another explanation, however, could be that America has to oppose entrenched banking interests that have significant influence over regulators engaging in unauthorized takeovers by the legislature.

Some cryptocurrencies have now begun to ban the United States from participating to deny its jurisdiction, creating a slightly more restrictive atmosphere there. Kryptonians could therefore start using regular VPNs or Bitcoin nodes, which could start using them in Tor by masking the operator’s geographical presence.

This points to a kind of reversing wind as America’s influence in the world weakens, largely in favor of Europe.

Europe lacks enormous control and does not have the same level of financial control by a banking institution that seems to have all the key positions in the United States. . States. The European political environment is therefore much more tolerant and liberal, and Germans can express their position without fear of the state. In the United States, two decades of war have weakened the constitutional boundaries of state power and general political responsibility, with some regulators acting as a government over themselves. Talent wants freedom, so it’s no wonder that today, in the world’s freest country, most Bitcoin nodes are run here, and per capita it’s far from the case.

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