45.8% daily for 5 days is a successful group of private investment company who have made money through prudent investments in the finance industry on a worldwide basis for 5 years. The strategy of our professionals is based on monitoring and analyzing historical and statistical data, research of currency rate fluctuations and risk management of FOREX. Your investment are managed by a highly qualified and experienced team of investment professionals, committed to providing superior investment returns.

Instant investment

Here in your funds will be invested in market instantly after deposit. Then our forex experts work with funds and make profit from them on base of daily trading.

Investment Plans

We have 2 types of investing. Daily and periodic. Daily plan starts from 45.8% daily for 5 days. Periodic plan starts from 357% after 5 days. For more details please go to invest page.


We accept Perfect Money Payeer and Bitcoin as payment. All payments will be handled via Perfect Money Payeer and Bitcoin. You can invest with us easily if you have one Perfect Money Payeer and Bitcoin account.

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  1. Candace Ben

    I am so glad to see bitcuccency listed in the
    because I am in 2 days ago and received the 2 days payment yet.

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